20 January 2013

The Day My Camera Melted

It snowed! Yes, I still get excited. There wasn't much of it, though. Teddy didn't share my enthusiasm - it only required one ear's worth of attention.

The snow hadn't started to melt on the higher hills.

There was enough snow to make a snow camera, it's still standing now but it's melting. I made sure that the snow lens was a very expensive one.

I took Teddy out to the field for some snow photos.

And this is my favourite of the lot:

More snow on the way apparently. In fact, it's snowing right now.

In other news, we had to take poor Sheila to the vet on Wednesday because overnight her eyes had started to discharge some yellow puss, and she could barely open her eyes. The vet quickly diagnosed severe Conjunctivitis. We were given eye drops for her and I'm pleased to say that they are working. The Conjunctivitis was most probably caused by mud getting into her eyes.

As you can see she's not 100% better, but she's getting there.


  1. I think Teddy and I are equally enthusiastic about the snow, unfortunately we have so very much more of it here. Assure Teddy, it could be worse!
    Glad that Shelia is on the mend :-)

  2. Here's hoping you eye is all better soonest, Sheila.

    The landscape looks beautiful! Teddy, do you have a lazy ear?????