4 January 2013

Twinkle and Teddy Too

On New Year's Eve we had a small and furry visitor - cousin Twinkle. Twinkle is a rescue dog who's been in the family for a little while now but because it's such a long car journey for her to get here we've only managed to meet her now.

Despite appearances she's a four-year-old, but she is, according to appearances a licorice all-sorts crossbred. I decided to would be fun to go for a walk along the promenade to introduce Twinkle to the local area, followed by a visit to a local dog café - the only one - Paws 4 Tea.

The weather was not on our side but that didn't stop everyone from having a lovely time. The promenade was very busy but Twinkle and Teddy took all in their stride.

The tide was in so there was no running around on the beach, sadly.

It is a tradition in the town to walk along the wall on the promenade - one that Teddy was keen to try out.

We stopped in front of the sea for some photos.

(Teddy seemed to like the taste of the sea air.)

Teddy samples the sea air on the bridge:

We walked back to the car via Main Street and then it was a few minutes of driving to get to Paws 4 Tea. Last time Teddy was there was back in the summer and was an absolute angel...

...But this time he had his little devil horns on.

Water spilled - wasn't me.

He didn't feel like sitting on the floor, however, and insisted that he sit beside me.

Dirty seat - wasn't me.

He also cuddled up to everyone in the café. That was OK - I'll let him do that.

All of this happened while Twinkle quietly sat and looked around.

She even had a "Oh no Teddy's making a mess again" face.

Also at Paws 4 Tea was Bailey, a gorgeous 4-month-old Labrador puppy. He's very big.

Bailey and Teddy stared at each other across the room.

It was nice to meet you, Twinkle - we hope to see you again soon!

PS: Sorry about the mess, Paws 4 Tea.


  1. That lab puppy looks like trouble. Trust us, WE KNOW!

    Twinkle looks very sweet. As for Teddy, what a camera magnet that boy is!!!


  2. Aww, Twinkle is cute! Looks like Teddy really enjoyed his trip...even if he did have to sit up in the booth at the dog cafe. ;)

    We had a furry cousin come visit for New Year's too...she wasn't so nice to Riley and Chloe though, but they managed to all cohabitate fine.

    Elyse and Riley