10 March 2013

Hello, Holly!


It's Mother's Day and to celebrate, I'm going to introduce the world to Suckie's lamb, little Holly. She was born in the midst of the busiest time during the lambing so there was little time to take photos. Suckie was, as always, having problems giving birth (mostly due to her colossal appetite and small frame). I tried my best to help Suckie but in the end it took some of Dad's expertise to get her out. It was a family affair, with all four of us standing around.

Suckie and her new lamb were fine. All Holly needed now was a good bath!

Clean time! *Lick, lick, lick*

The following morning Holly was up and about and looking much cleaner.

Holly has a closer look at mummy (with a little human help):

I'm so happy that Suckie has had a healthy living lamb this year.

Happy Mother's Day!