26 May 2013

Fun at Balmoral Park

The Balmoral Show this year moved to a bigger and better location. I went with Dad on the first day, Wednesday 15th May.

I took these photos from the top of the big wheel. It was very windy up there!

I was enjoying myself so much throughout the day, I didn't take too many photos. But I did like what I got. Chicks in the Children's Farm under a heat lamp. The adorables!

A highlight of the children's farm was the two adorable Border Collie puppies!

Those eyes... *faints*

Ahem. Outside, there were some horses.

There were also cattle, sheep, tractors and a quad-bike stunt display. But I was too busy staring that I forgot there was a camera in my hand. Ah well, there's always next year.

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