1 January 2014

A Family Christmas Day

Christmas Day started off like any other day. Even though it's a holiday, the ewes in the fields still need feeding. So Dad, Pip and I started up the tractors to deliver some bales.

It was very strange driving though down, it was so deserted. The ladies waited patiently for their bale.

Now they're happy.

The dogs had their breakfast inside. Teddy gave me the puppy eyes.

After Christmas dinner, I let Sheila pull the cracker. It was one I'd bought that was made especially for dogs. It had no bag and was filled with venison treats. Sheila thought they were yum. There was also a hat and a joke.

After that it was time to walk off Christmas dinner and the yummy treats. Last year I took a family portrait with my then new lens. This year I used my newest lens to take another family portrait. I think this will make a great tradition.

It may not have been a white Christmas but it was cold enough.

We only went around one field before heading back home again.

All in all it was a fabulous Christmas.


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  1. Sounds like it was a good Christmas

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