23 January 2014

First Born

I was taking some photographs for my camera club using the theme of "winter". To me, winter is the time when we gather in the ewes ready for lambing.

On the same evening I got a nice photo of Pip:

Just this week, on Tuesday to be exact, the first lamb of the season was born. Unfortunately it didn't feel very photogenic.

Then, yesterday, we had three lambs born. At first we thought that they were triplets.

One had speckles like a Suffolk-cross would have, and to top it off the ewe we'd thought was mummy was hitting the lamb.

For the lamb's safety I took him for a walk around the yard. Ben and Pip were happy to lick his face, and he fell asleep in mum's arms. When the kettle was boiled and we were about to feed him, we heard some bleating from a ewe. It took us a moment to find the ewe, but when we did we were in for a surprise - it was Sugar!

That explained the speckles. She'd run off and left him, naughty girl. Once she was placed in a pen with her lamb she was happy enough - and the lamb was too.

And the twins are happy too.

Happy endings - or should I say, beginnings - all round!

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