31 May 2014

Dorsets and Texels and Suffolks and Lleyns, Oh My...

It's five years ago to the day that I first uploaded some photos of our pet lambs onto the internet. I call it an anniversary. I wrote my first blog post on a little website I called Greenhill Lambs. It would be a little while before the dogs would make an appearance. So to celebrate: some lambs! Look at this lovely Texel face...

Speaking of lovely Texel faces, this is Norman. We think he's one of new Beltex/Texel ram John's sons. He is a fantastic lamb - the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

Here he is before he went outside:

I would pick him up every day because everyone always wanted to stroke him. He nibbled my nose! And here he is with his mum:

The ewes and lambs relax in the sun:

A happy Suffolk family...

Mum checks on her lamb, the last to be born this year.

This is a more Lleyn-like face:

And this is Laura, the Dorset ram with a girl's name.

Sugar's looking as fine as ever.

Crosby and his boys (Norman's dad John is on the right, stuffing his face).

And we'll finish with this rather gorgeous Dorset lamb.

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