30 June 2014

Photos From My Phone #2

The pet lambs from last year - what a bunch of posers!

I often see the date something was built carved into the concrete somewhere, so when we patched up a wall, well... it was too good an opportunity to miss.

A day spent helping a neighbour gather his crops. It was Pip and I who moved the resultant straw bales...

...A really long day!

But at least we had some very useful straw bales at the end of the day.

Wait a minute - that's not a sheep! What's it doing in our field? Thankfully our unexpected visitor was retrieved by her owner before long.

Pip absorbs some rays.

We bring in the silage until the sun sets - and then we flick on the tractor's lights and carry on!

Pip doesn't sit on the chair with the giant face.

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