Pip's Adventures in Puppy-Sitting

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For such a small puppy, Jess has a massive personality. She has had no trouble settling in and making friends with the other dogs.

"You're annoying!"

(Pip finds her a bit annoying.) Wherever Pip goes, Jess is never far behind...

"It's too high, she's too small - I'm safe."

It didn't take Jess long to figure it out. Looking down...

"Oh, it's high..."

"Whoa! Very high..."

"Oh, thank goodness she's gone."

Don't worry, Pip, she's right here.


Sun & Silage

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This week has been mighty busy. Temperatures reached the mid-twenties and above, which meant it was time for silage and haylage. Tractors started up at 8am and didn't stop until 7pm or after. Since Monday Dad, an assortment of dogs, and myself, have made 306 bales of silage or haylage.

This is a field that's being mowed for silage.

Dad goes around it with the baler, and as the bales are spat out, it's my job to get them into rows so it's easier for them to be wrapped. I like things neat and tidy, so the straighter the better.

(If the bales are in a field that is not at home, we take two tractors and two trailers to the bales and draw them home. It can be time-consuming, especially if there's a lot of traffic on the roads. These bales will all be brought home on trailers.)

Then, once the bales are wrapped, it's up to me to tip them - that is, use the tractor to place them on their flat ends in a 'bale yard' (an empty field used for storing the bales). It's hot and dusty work, but at least I have my canine companions.

There are many bare fields after this week, but the job's not quite over yet...

A New Tail

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I may have accidentally a puppy. Again...

So this is Jess, the newest member of our (not so little anymore, really) pack. She arrived last night and already she was making herself at home, both inside and out...

She's eight weeks old, having been born on 22nd May.

Here she is surveying her new domain (and the weeds... er):

We sat on the grass for a while, just getting to know each other.

...And she prompty fell asleep in what must be an uncomfortable position. My foot fell asleep, I couldn't move or I'd wake her up - my cries for help remained unanswered.

"Help! The blue string is chasing me!"

This morning she had her first taste of the collar and lead because she had her first vaccination to get at the vet's. She has the dejected puppy look down already.

Meeting Pip...

"And the court finds you... not guilty!"

Pip can see right through you, Jess.

After this she went to the vet's (no photos because I was busy driving!). She's quite a noisy puppy and she squealed the whole time she was in the waiting area. When it came to the first injection, however, she remained silent. Brave girl! And she insisted she ride in the front passenger seat otherwise she would protest... loudly. The little diva.

After lunch it was time to meet Teddy.

Teddy has the toys...

...And he's keeping them.

Just before tea it was "girls only" time.

Lots of standing around, looking pretty... it's such hard work, you know.

Sniffing Sheila...

Dang that's one cute puppy.

After tea, she met Ben and... well...

It's okay, Jess, that's normal.

Welcome to the family!

The Castlewellan Show 2014

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We left home for the show shortly after ten, and even after we arrived the fog was still hanging in the air. The foals on show were a little jumpy but very cute!

The horse has prettier hair than I do.

Moving on, and continuing with the theme of small animals: piglets!

Previous experiences at this show have taught me that queues for food soon start to get very long indeed, so it was an early lunch for me. Pip was a bit scared on the ground so she jumped up onto the chair opposite me. I pulled it a but closer so I could keep an eye on her. Pip likes chips (and curry, as it turns out).

After lunch it was time for some more exploring. Some ducks - they were a bit wary of Pip. Pip was indifferent.

And alongside the ducks was a rooster on a barrel.

Sheep next; these Border Leicesters seem to be in a constant state of shock.

Ah, some Texels. That's more like it.

There were dogs everywhere - it was like everyone had brought their dogs with them. It was great to see so many faces.

In the craft tent I bought some treats for the dogs from Pawfect Doggie Treats (the BBQ Wedges and Pizza Slices because I couldn't decide what to buy and so I just bought something that I thought sounded tasty to me). They took Pip's photo for their Facebook page!



It wouldn't be an agricultural show without some machinery.

It was crazy how many people there were. Pip took a great interest in all the quads that were rumbling around.

This is George. Hi, George.

George is saying hi.

I bumped into a friend I hadn't see in over a year, and added bonus: puppy! This is the adorable and bouncy and mostly cute Vix:

Oh - it's another Wire Fox Terrier with a really impressive head tilt (cameras make funny noises, you know).

Pip's watching some showjumping - or is she watching me?

There was a tractor reversing competition for the Young Farmers.

These cows are awaiting judgement.

A very well turned-out pony and trap.

I stopped to talk to someone I knew at a library lorry - Pip wanted to stay there.

So all in all it was a grand day out. Bring on next year, I say!