21 August 2014

Ben and Teddy in Widescreen

I always crop my photos to the same 4x6 ratio - but this time? Nope. I'm thinking outside the (crop)box, and going with a nice, wide, 16x9 ratio. It's like a movie. Yeah... Hi, Teddy.

I love it when the boys play - it's lovely to see such carefree, happy dogs just having some fun!

As a bonus, they look really silly.

And then there's the running. Yay for running!

See if you can spot the Ben...

Grace. Poise. Collisions.

Then when the running is done, there are a couple of tired puppies. Tire puppies need a break.

Aww, bros! *smiley face*

And the moral of the story is that it's okay to sit on welly boots.

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