14 September 2014


One of these things is not like the others...

(Hint: it's the goat.)

This nanny goat appeared with our flock of ewes quite suddenly, as in she wasn't there one morning but was there the next. Much driving the quad in circles ensued as we tried to determine the gender of our surprise visitor. We eventually decided it was a nanny goat and so it wouldn't cause trouble, shrugged to ourselves and had a little chuckle about it. She'd be gone in the morning, we said.

...Except she wasn't. She's been here for over a fortnight now, running on three weeks, and we have absolutely no idea where she came from. None of our neighbours to our knowledge even has/had a goat.

At first the sheep were scared of her. And she was scared of the quad. So she would run and then the sheep would run away from her and then she would think there was something to run from so she followed the flock and... you get the idea.

The sheep are still a little suspicious.

Since she's decided she's staying, the goat is now referred to as Nana. Nana has been spotted trying to hide behind Norman's mum.

I can hardly tell the difference. The rams have joined the ewes since Nana's appearance. They're not all that fazed anymore. (There was initially some running away, but it has stopped now.)

Maybe we'll end up with a little geep, though probably not. I would like a geep. It has become one of my favourite words.

The ewes were watching me very closely...

...Or maybe they were keeping a close eye on Jess, who was running around as I took the photos.

She loves the quad quite a lot, which is great for a Greenhill Farm dog.

Norman was in the field next door from the ewes, but has since joined them. Hopefully lots of little Normans on the way.

I will leave you with this intelligent thought: geep. *chuckles*

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