4 January 2015

The Annual Gathering

The dogs gathered on Christmas Day, as is traditional, for the the family portrait. Corralling five dogs proved to be somewhat of a challenge...

...But in the end things worked out well and I got my shot(s).

This didn't last.

Everybody then had a nice bone and a merry Christmas. Couldn't ask for more.


  1. Love your puppies! They are all beautiful! Great pictures!

  2. Oh my gosh, these pictures are all so adorable! You really need to do a book some day! I think my favorite is the first one!

    P.S.: I'm going to use one of the pictures from the book on The Daily Pip this week - probably Wednesday.

  3. I featured Little Pip today on The Daily Pip on the blog, Facebook and Instagram. www.facebook.com/thedailypip and www.instagram.com/dailypip.

    Have a great day!