10 March 2015

Pip and Murphy's Grand Day Out

Considering most of my friends like dogs too, it's a wonder we haven't gone for a doggy day out before. Pip and I met up with Charlotte and her two-year-old Labrador Murphy for a walk and a bite to eat. After some time spent sitting on a picnic bench...

...It was into the woods for a walk.

Pip and Murphy got along very well.

We came out of the woods on a country lane, and there we met Matilda and her owner.

After a chat with Matilda's owner, it was back down into the town for some light refreshment in the dog cafe.

Previous satisfied customers are displayed on the wall of fame...

(Yes, that is Pip and Ben!)

Rescue puppy Ozzy was at the cafe at the same time as us.

Murphy wanted a scone.

Back at base (AKA Greenhill Farm), Murphy got mistaken for a sheep.

It was a brilliantly fun Saturday afternoon out. Until next time, Murphy!

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