14 April 2015

About Fluke-ing Time

A few months late, we finally had a spare moment to inject the ewe lambs (one-year-olds, also known as hoggets) against liver fluke.

On the way up the lane to the handling pen:

We had brushed out the footbath before gathering the flock. Pip happily used the resultant shallow pool of terribly dirty water to cool off. Typical.

"What on earth is the scary sheepdog doing now?"

There are some pretty faces in the crowd - I bet they'll have some really cute lambs next year.

Dad walked through the sheep, injecting them and marking those he'd done with a yellow spot.

A quick run through the footbath and it was onto a new field of fresh grass for the sheep...

...And for Pip, another refreshing bath.


  1. Pip does look very happy in the mud :)

    sheep eyes are so neat to look at, beautiful golden colour in the photos

  2. Oh Pip, you look so incredibly happy in that mud!!

    I agree with Jennifer about the sheep eyes. Wow!

  3. So happy to see you little Pip! You always make us smile!