6 April 2015

The Sheep are Coming

When the sheep see the snacker - or even hear the quad - they come running. If I don't find a gap and exploit it quickly enough, we (that is Sheila, Teddy, Dad and I) end up surrounded by a hungry mob of ewes. If I spot a gap and put some speed on, the flock chase us at full pelt...

It's amazing how quickly these sheep can run. Eventually I slow down, since the race was only on so I could get ahead of them before they mobbed us. I have been known to run the odd ewe or lamb over, simply because they keep running in front of the quad once I have slowed down. The ewes and lambs don't even seem to flinch at being run over - that said, it is something I'd rather avoid.

The ewes happily enjoying their nuts.

We were lucky yesterday because a majority of the flock was in another field so it took them a little longer to realise we were there. Not that long, however...

The sheep running towards us is so scary that Sheila refuses to get off the quad and chase them away from the front wheels - so Dad has to! And Teddy is no better. He sits up front and looks pretty.

It'll be great when the grass starts growing again and there's no need for the snacker. It can get cleaned and put away for another year, and I can stop worrying about running sheep over.


  1. Hi! Thanks for your visit. I think that I'm going to love your blog. You take amazing photos, and you live in the part of the world where my family is from (some of my elder relatives still live there). I loved reading about your hungry sheep and lambs. And I really l love your photos of your dogs!

  2. My goodness, the photos of the sheep running are amazing! :D