27 May 2015

The Balmoral Show 2015 ::: Part 1

On Wednesday 13th May, Dad and I headed off for the Balmoral Show. We had our tickets safely in our pockets, and my camera was charged up and ready to go. It was a beautiful day.

There was a "guess the breeds of the parents" competition in the Shopping Village tent. I did not fare well.

There were lots of machines on display.

There was an amazing family of wooden, life-sized horse sculptures.

I visited the tent for the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

And right next door was the Children's Farm.

I went for a wander and stumbled across the warm-up area for the showjumping horses.

A foal got loose during the mother and foal class in one of the horse arenas.

Safely back with mum.

More from the foals in part two.

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  1. All these pictures are great! Love the wooden horse sculptures at first I thought they were real.

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