5 May 2015

Tractor Dog in Training

Driving tractors is all well and good - but it's even better when one of my furry friends can tag along. That's why all of the dogs have been taught to sit in the tractor. Now it's Jess' turn. She's got the part about being in the tractor right, but...

...That's my chair.

While Jess was occupying my chair, I checked on the flock. These are the earliest lambs of this year. They were taken to this outfarm a 10-minute drive away because it's closer to the coast and the weather is slightly milder. This day was a scorcher.

Suckie is living with this little flock at the moment - she's looking mighty fine for a 10-year-old sheep.

The lambs were very curious about me hanging over the gate with the camera.

It's sheep by numbers:

The ewes were suffering from the heat in their woolly coats.

Even poor Suckie looked miserable.

And when I got back to the tractor, someone was still in my chair.


  1. lol, good thing she hasn't figured out how to drive yet :p

  2. I think that Jess wants to drive!!! Now that would be a feat!!! I love the cute lambs.