24 June 2015

Lazy June Days

The ewes are enjoying the sunny June days without their heavy fleeces.

The lambs are growing bigger by the day.

Gloria is thriving - she's bigger than Dave now!

That's her brother and her mum in the background.

The ewes and lambs are always happier when the sun is shining.

The Dorset lamb is Dave's brother, Bob.

Gloria wandered back over to see me again.

I'd forgotten Suckie was in this field, so it was a surprise when she came running to the gate while I was swapping fields (these photos were taken before her brief stay with Blue Belle).

The grass is always greener on the other side of the gate. Right, Suckie?

In the next flock, the relaxing was continuing.

Steve had grown so much, he was one of the first batch of lambs to be sold this year.

We rounded up the flock and shed out the lambs with the blue heads. They were tagged and had the number 21 written on them.

Here is Steve with his tags:

Pip helped to load the lambs into the trailer.

While we were at the lamb collection point, I saw a Clydesdale mare and her little Clydesdale/Sport Horse foal.

Pip stayed a safe distance away.

She enjoyed the ride home better!


  1. I am always happier when the sun is shining too, which it hasn't been lately!

    They are all do adorable!

  2. Your sheep are beautiful. Did Pip drive home?