4 June 2015

The Balmoral Show 2015 ::: Part 5

There was a display at 2PM called the Adrenaline Tour. It seemed like everyone visiting the show had gathered around the arena.

Impressive tricks on the motorbike, but it had to be put away prematurely because it managed to get a puncture. It was time for the little quad to shine.

After sizing up the ramp...

...It was time for some jumping.

It was then time for the party trick - catching one of these two T-shirts in midair.

On attempt number two he not only managed to catch one, but both of them!


After all that excitement, to round off the day I had a ride on the Ferris wheel.

I loved seeing the show from a bird's eye view.

It was another great show. I had a good time, and hopefully I got a few passable photographs out of it too. Until next year...

...It's goodbye to the Balmoral Show.

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