2 August 2015

London Redialling

Back at the end of June, my friend Dawn and I visited London for a day. It was a whirlwind of underground trains, shops, and sightseeing. Here are some of our holiday snaps:

The sunrise. It was early in the morning. So, so early...

We have arrived in London...

There are a number of free newspapers in London. I took a couple to keep as souvenirs. It took me far to long to realise how neat the pattern on the seats was.

Rush hour on the Underground was quite the experience. Emerging into Canary Wharf:


Piccadilly Circus:

Underground again:

We stopped in Trafalgar Square. Hi!

Big Ben in the distance:

The London Eye:

Guess where we're going...

...Up the Shard! The view from up here was spectacular, and if you're ever in London, you have to go!

Canary Wharf from a very different angle:

Dawn relaxing at the top of the Shard.

A spot of lunch.

Westminster Abbey:

Buckingham Palace:

A walk through a park:

...And back into the Underground. We went to Oxford Street too, but by that time I was too sweaty and tired to take photos. Must have been bad!

We had a great time, though! We'll be back...

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  1. What a lovely trip! I'd love to go to London whenever I travel to Europe in the next couple years.