21 August 2015

Suffolk, Dorset and Norman

The only busy few months on the rams' calendar is fast approaching. They are enjoying their final days of relaxation. To identify them, Dad asked me to "put some sort of mark on them", which was a mistake. I decided to write their names on their backs in big, blue letters - except two of them don't have names. so I ended writing "SUFFOLK" on one, "DORSET" on the second, and last got "NORMAN".

Norman is the only ram you can see here, standing next to the huge Dorset ram of no name.

The Dorset tries to throw his weight around. but Suffolk isn't budging.

Norman and the Dorset:

Last time I was asked to put "some sort of mark" on Norman and his pals, I drew this:

Now that I think of it, I am surrounded by woolly blank canvases...


  1. Actually you could do all kids of designs on them and take photos of the work and make a series out of the photos :)