18 August 2015

Two Be Newbies

This year there are two new Tractor Dogs to help out with the baling. Jess and Samson. I like to swap dogs around so they don't get too hot in the tractor, surrounded as they are by glass. It was Jess' turn to ride with me as I rowed up the haylage.

Jess is the only dog who stubbornly insists to sit at my feet, rather than stand beside me. If I ask her to jump up, she will do it, but she won't stay for long.

While Jess and I rowed, Dad baled.

The other new Tractor Dog is Samson, who has found himself thrust into the world of agriculture in the last few months... he's not all that bothered about it, really.

I have never had a dog fall asleep on the job before. He helped me to collect all the bales into a line so wrapping them would be easier. I woke him up so I could take some photos.

Dad wrapped the bales and I tipped them up.

...None of which interests Samson. He's nodding off again.