15 September 2015

Pet Sitting

I agreed to look after the neighbour's two dogs and two cats while she was away in the US of A for a fifteen-day holiday. This is not the first time I have sat on a pet - I have looked after a friend's hamster and guinea pigs before - but this is the first time I have sat on pets that didn't stay over at my house.

The two cats are proving elusive to photograph, but I have gotten a few photos of the dogs. This is Lady - she is a ten-year-old Dobermann. 

And this is Milo, a Border Collie x Labrador, and a lady of sixteen years.

While the girls were being lazy in the living room, I went outside to meet the chickens.

Blaze the horse is only visiting to act as a lawnmower. She accepts carrots as payment.

When I went back inside, Milo and Lady were still lounging.

...But then I said I was leaving, and suddenly everyone wanted to be outside.

Lady watched me leave.

Don't worry, Lady, I'll be back every day - at least twice!

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