17 September 2015

Seaforde Vintage Rally 2015

Vintage Rally season is well under way, and the sun was shining down on Teddy and I when we went to Seaforde's annual rally a few weeks ago.

Rambo is something of a minor celebrity - he is at almost every vintage rally I visit.

Teddy was on his best behaviour as we had a look at the gathered tractors.

He associates tractors with having a ride, so of course he wanted to jump onto/into every one. I indulged him once.

A rainbow of tractors:

Teddy always wanted to jump onto trailers too.

There were sadly no working horses this year, but there was this little display to show the stages of planting crops.

As last year, there was a small steam engine giving rides around the field. Teddy had great fun.

This is Susan the pony.

Teddy on another trailer:

There weren't just tractors...

As we were leaving, the threshing was still going on.

A fun day.


  1. Looks like a fun day. Teddy is so adorable. Love how one ear stands up and other flops over.