19 October 2015

Mutual Waiting

Jess is learning her trade on the job. She is very responsive, and listens to commands better than some of the older dogs! She'll go places. These ewes were out of grass, so we used the quads to gather them up. Dad took them away in trailer loads, so the dogs had some waiting to do between bursts of activity. They had to be tied because of the busy road a few metres away.

(While I was taking the following photos of Pip, Jess chewed through her lead with lighting speed, but thankfully I caught her before she reached the road. Silly girl.)

Pip is loyal to her quads.

The ewes had to wait as well. Not long to wait before fresh grass, ladies!

After Jess' little escape attempt, she had to be tied to the quad while I tied a knot in her lead.

I should really have a separate budget allocated to leads for Jess.


  1. Oh, but you can't get mad at that face, right?! Our last dog Abby chewed through many leads! Miss that little minx!

  2. She chewed through her lead. Sounds like something Cocoa would do!!