5 October 2015

New Butts

There are two suspicious looking customers standing with the ram lambs...

If you're in the mood to get another breed of sheep into the melting pot, now's the chance. I've always liked Kerry Hills, so I was very pleased when we were able to buy a pair of lambs. In the tradition of naming rams after their breeders, I've called them Brian and Malcolm. They can be difficult to tell apart - Brian is the larger of the two, with a few extra spots on his face. Malcolm is the smaller one, with the "cleaner" markings on his face.

I think this is Malcolm.

They're in the same flock as Dave. He's on the far left in the photo above, and here he is below. He may be small, but he is looking really cute.

Brian, as you can see, has a black spot right in the centre of his forehead.

I'm pretty sure this is Brian.

This is the best photo I could get of the two of them together.

They are more nervous of the quad than our home-grown, curious lambs.

Brian, doing some posing.

Sheila was with me. She loves to watch the sheep.

The ewe lambs, too, are looking really well.

The ewe lambs are more highly-strung than the rams, so it took me a while to find Gloria, and even longer to photograph her, since she kept walking away just as I stopped the quad and lifted the camera into position. Crafty girl.


  1. Wow, what great photos! Love to see your pup and the sheep! Great to discover your blog. Thanks for stopping by Pooch Smooches the other day. Hope you'll stop by again some time!