16 October 2015

The Farm Pony

I took these photos way, way back in August! I was having laptop trouble at the time, so these photos got forgotten about on a memory card... until this week, when I remembered about them!

In Blue Belle's, shall we say, leaner days of summer, she helped me to check on the lambs. Blue Belle's idea of helping was to stand and eat while I checked on the lambs.

Dave and his posse:

The lambs let me get quite close...

...But not that close.

Once they were far enough away again, they became curious about the funny looking sheep that was in their field.

The feeling was mutual.


Curious lambs are healthy lambs.

And hungry ponies are happy ponies!

Back in her pen, after her "helping", Blue Belle admired the sea view.

Everything looks so green in these photos. I'm getting too used to these autumn colours!

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