13 October 2015

Visiting Drumlee Part I ::: TJ and Charlotte

My friend Charlotte wanted some pictures taken of herself and TJ, one of her horses. I spent a few hours photographing them on Sunday evening. TJ with some of his friends in the field (left to right; TJ, Ben, Jewel and Dash):

We found a suitable place and I started taking lots and lots of pictures. TJ is a natural in front of the camera, and Charlotte isn't half bad either!

Ben and Jewel wondering where their special photoshoots are.

Some trotting.

We returned to the yard so Charlotte could fetch TJ's bridle. I took TJ for a shot walk in the yard. It was odd, since I'm used to little Blue Belle. I'm used to having to bend over to look her in the eye! TJ seemed massive!

In the stable we took a few more photos.

TJ was a real sport. Good boy.