12 November 2015

Harbour Day

On one of the last days of "good" weather before the rain set in, I took Jess on a trip. My goal for the afternoon was to take photographs for my camera club with the theme of "autumn". Needless to say, I got a bit... distracted.

I picked a direction and drove, with the idea that, if I spotted any autumnal-looking trees, I would stop the car and Jess and I could photograph the colourful leaves. Most of the leaves at home had already fallen, their colour faded.

I found a car park right above the beach, with a wall perfect for a dog to sit on.

This is certainly a place I shall return to when summer comes around again.

We drove on...

...And as we were approaching the harbour, it occurred to me that I've never had a nosey down there. Time to remedy that!

Jess is Collie Staring at... something.

The walls were once again perfect for dogs to sit on.

I've lived in this area my whole life and I didn't even know this mural existed! This is why I love exploring.

There were only two boats in the harbour as winter is fast approaching, and the harbour wall offers little protection from the sea wind.

Berries were growing on the harbour wall. And of course, berries are an autumnal thing. To think I almost walked past them.

After that brief return to the task at hand, it was back to being distracted. Jess was starting to tire at this stage, but she still worked it for the camera.

One end of the peer was strewn with fisherman's flotsam and jetsam.

The sea was remarkably calm for November.

The Lady Iris made her last trip out to sea of the year.

Jess watched too.

I went out to photograph autumn, and came back with a heap of Border Collie and maritime photos! A perfect day.

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  1. I didn't know that Northern Ireland had its own brand of light - so beautifully special!