17 November 2015


In the past few weeks, the rain has hit us hard. On one particularly bad day of near constant raining, I checked on Blue Belle and Suckie in the morning and all was well, but by late afternoon, poor Blue Belle was skewbald with mud.

The poor wee thing was sloshing all over the place.

Suckie eating her nuts as a river runs through Blue Belle's pen:

The wind was blowing up a storm into the bargain. Poor Suckie's bucket fell over. It took her a few moments longer than you'd think for her to work out where her nuts went.

I couldn't leave Blue Belle in her extremely muddy pen, so I decided to let her out into the big field with Suckie. Pip had been watching from a safe distance by the gate, but this was her expression when I went to let Blue Belle out.

"You're letting it out?"

Blue Belle was very happy to be allowed onto the lush grass. The setting sun was lovely as Suckie, Pip and I left Blue Belle to her munching.

Suckie and Pip accompanied me as I walked up the hill to the gate I needed to shut before Blue Belle got any further.

The view from the top of the hill:

Just as I was about to shut the gate, Blue Belle brazenly trotted up behind us and got into the field with the even better grass. I tried calling her over, or walking away and hoping she'd follow.

But the lady was not for turning.

In the end I had to ditch the camera, fetch Blue Belle's headcollar and leadrope, and find her and Suckie somewhere new to live. Thankfully there was somewhere suitable. The four of us walking down the field in a howling gale must have been quite the sight!


  1. Poor girl! I can't get over how beautiful your world is. It's picturesque!

  2. They sure have minds of their own :) Gorgeous pictures.