29 November 2015

The River Puddle

Down in the bale yard, there is a massive puddle. It takes a lot of rain for it to appear, and when it does it can be almost a foot deep in places. For two members of the pack, this puddle is the most fun there is to be had (exempting sheep work).

Teddy observes the puddle...

...and he's in.

Teddy chases the ripples along the water like one of those birds that uses its beak to skim the surface and snap up fish.

Shake off some of the excess...

...and dive in again.

Sheila is a dry land kind of girl, but she does love to pull plastic off round bales.

Meanwhile, Jess...

The puppy is nuts.

While Jess is attacking the splashes, Teddy is chasing the ripples. They work as a team to show this puddle who's boss.

The sane other dogs aren't puddle attackers, and are much happier playing chase on the bank.

They will come near the water if I ask very nicely.

By this stage, my camera was getting covered in splashes. The autofocus was failing. I thought it was time to leave the puddle before my camera suffered a fatal soaking.

Jess disagreed.


  1. Oh my gosh, Jess is hysterical. She really liked that water! I bet it was cold. Love all the close up shots at the end. Hope your camera didn't get too wet.

  2. Oh I love them and I love the expression on Jess's face! What glorious photos as always! DakotasDen

  3. They are so cute! Splashing in puddles is fun! When we first got Zoe she was a princess about getting her feet wet! Four years later and she just plows through the puddles. It's hilarious.

  4. Jess is wild! I love those pups. <3