15 December 2015

Morning Has Broken

Checking the flocks becomes a huge, never-ending job in winter. There's mud everywhere, it's cold and wet, and everyone needs extra food. I help out when I'm not busy with something else. There's always something relaxing about checking the sheep on a quad with as many dogs as you can fit on board.

I checked on the ram lambs first. They're very curious boys.

I always find it funny that Dave, the smallest of the lambs, always manages to be surrounded by some of the biggest.

Blue Belle was temporarily a member of the flock containing the ewe lambs to be sold.

Jess... that can't be comfortable.

Teddy took breaks from the quad when I was taking photos.

Jess liked to remain on board.

There's room in the box for two.

Blue Belle watched us over the fence.

Then she did some trotting.

Last to be checked were the ewe-lambs.

I managed to get a half-decent photo of one of the Kerry Hills, Malcolm.

And Gloria too (she's the one with an indecipherable GLORIA written on her side).

So, yes, looking the sheep can be very relaxing.

...And very cold. Time for a nice hot drink.


  1. The sheep are adorable and so fluffy! I can see how it would be relaxing checking on them! I love the photos of your pony and pups, too! Wow! What fun! :D

  2. Absolutely stunning! Those lambs are beyond adorable.

  3. I'm wondering how soon in the new year the fresh sheep crop is born - February or March...?

    1. Probably mid- to late-January, before really taking off in February. Busy times ahead! :)