15 January 2016

More Lamb Spam

Because you can never have too many photos of cute lambs, right?

This one's a bit soggy.

I love how fluffy this one is. Just look at all the floof at the top of her head!

Making sure baby is alright.

A bit sleepy.

A mum keeping an eye on me.

Is this one winking at me?

This one is taking its first steps.

I think this one looks a bit like a rabbit.

And of course, Jess was watching my every move from the safety of the wheelbarrow.


  1. what a sweetheart!!!! I wanted to share a blog with you (not mine lol), that you might enjoy. She has a farm and takes some AMAZING photos too, and her goat just had babies.....here is her link http://knatolee.blogspot.com/ (I have nothing to do with the blog other than I follow it and enjoy it, and think you might as well because of her photos)

    1. Thank you for recommending a blog for me! How lovely. I'll go and have a look... :)

  2. What gorgeous photos! How many babies are there all together?

  3. Omy goodness wow cute they are.
    xo Cinnamon