Exploring Together

Little Fred is beginning to find his courage. When before it was Nobby exploring on his own, now Fred likes to tag along.

Teddy was the puppy lamb sitter.

Teddy waits for Fred to come closer.

His eye is healing nicely. He most likely will never regain his sight in it, but it's no longer swollen or sore.

Approaching again...

Meanwhile, Nobby...

He likes standing next to the kennel because he is a dog.

Reunited, Fred and Nobby decided to explore the lane.

...But not before a quick detour to explore (read: eat) what's left of the flower bed.

Nobby seems to like grass.

Where Nobby goes, Fred follows. (And where sheep go, Teddy follows.)

Nobby decided to move on.

He took a moment to stand in the kennel. Fred declined the invitation to join him.

A short time later, the boys were on the run again. (It's pretty cold - you can see Teddy's breath in these.)

This is Teddy's favourite way to spend an evening.

The lambs would like to go into the human house too. But no.

Teddy was very good at keeping an eye on the boys so they didn't get into trouble, although the two of them could be a handful.

Good boy, Ted.

But where had the boys gotten to? Oh.


Black & White Sunday #22 ::: The Bond Between Father and Son

Nobby really likes his daddy.

Ben keeps a watchful eye over his puppy lamb.

Nobby is growing up fast.

Even Ben's tail likes Nobby.

It is wonderful to see the special bond between these two.

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Lick It and Love It

That's what I say to a lot of brand new mothers, like this one - I found her and her newborn lamb in the shed and sat and watched them for a while.

The little lamb needs some practise with those wobbly legs.

She takes some time to regroup while mum continues cleaning her up.

Don't forget under the chin...

Mum is very attentive, which is wonderful to see.

Welcome to the world, little one.