8 February 2016

Happy Eleventh Birthday, Suckie!

Eleven years ago this month, a little Texel lamb was born. She started out small, but she soon grew into a small sheep - and that sheep was Suckie.

I brought Suckie back to where it all began - the lambing shed. There were some new arrivals.

She even met this year's pet lambs - Nobby, and his friend called Fred.

Blue Belle was looking lonely so she came along too, so she could have a look around. Blue Belle thinks all yellow buckets contain food and looks confused when they don't.

Blue Belle met some of the new mothers.

Suckie has been there and done that, and seems to be enjoying her retirement.

Blue Belle decided to explore on her own...

...but soon aborted the mission when the wind rattled the big doors.

There was plenty of food to steal.

They were both at it.

Blue Belle met a lamb, but it was not food so it wasn't very interesting.

Back when she was a breeding ewe, a heavily pregnant Suckie would run around the shed, opening buckets of nuts...

Yep, she's still got it.

Happy birthday, Suckie!


  1. Happy Birthday Suckie!! Hoping you aren't feeling "sheepish" today!!! Bwwwwah!!! Or should I say..."Baaaaaaaaa!!!???"

  2. Happy Birthday Suckie! What a lovely post with lots and lots of wonderful photos!

  3. Fantastic photos! Happy birthday, Suckie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Suckie! How long do sheep live? Hope she has many years ahead. Love the shots of Blue Bell with the little lambs.