19 February 2016

The Sheep That Didn't Run Away

For a sheepdog, the most terrifying thing is a sheep that doesn't run away...

...which means that Nobby is a very scary little lamb indeed.

He must not be looked in the eye. Be brave, Teddy, be brave...

The lamb must be watched, in case it does something dangerous.

If the lamb comes up to you, you must stay very still so it will not hurt you.

Hold your ground so it does not give chase.

Teddy was very pleased with himself for being so brave.

Of course, as he was raised by Ben, Nobby thinks he is a dog.

Teddy tried to gently explain to Nobby that his is a small sheep and not a dog and so a kennel is not where he lives.

But Nobby seemed to have wool in his ears.

(There's a hidden Teddy in this one - can you spot him?)

Eventually Nobby tired of the kennel, and explored some more of the yard.

Teddy was there to keep an eye on things.

A sheep that doesn't run away is, after all, a dangerous thing not to be left unsupervised.