5 March 2016

Quality Family Time

Nobby and Fred are the children.

Ben is the cool, laid-back dad.

And Jess is the crazy auntie.

Watching Ben, Jess, Nobby and Fred playing together is hysterical. I just have to point the camera at them and wait for the madness to ensue. It does not take long.

Nobby and Fred take a moment to refuel (by stealing that ewe's silage).

No such luxuries for the dogs.

Don't forget the chasing.

With all that going on, there's barely any time for Nobby to scratch his tummy.


  1. This is one of your best series of photos ever. Just love it! You captured their exuberance and personalities

  2. Looks they are all having such fun together

  3. These are amazing! Really gives a feel for farm life