26 March 2016

Sticks and Twigs and Pine Cones, Oh My...

I don't often take photos in this little patch of trees - but before I had the chance to arrive, a pair of ewes had decided to take up residence.

While I was standing near to the ewes to take some photos, Jess would come no closer to me. I have no idea why. Let's put it down to great training and leave it at that.

There was a stare-off.

Eventually the pair of ewes scarpered, so Jess came a little closer.

I hadn't taken any posed photos in a while, and I'd forgotten the fundamental thing about Jess: she does not pose for food. Granted, she takes the food, but she doesn't look very interested in the whole affair. I should have brought a squeaky toy with me instead. Perhaps one day I'll learn...

I tried using a stick from off the ground as a substitute, which is why she looks so interested here:

But then Jess realised that the ground was littered with sticks and twigs and pine cones - so why should she be interested in mine?

And then she realised that there were hundreds and hundreds of sticks and twigs at the top of those trees. The look of wonder on her face is priceless!

On our way back to the tractor I stopped to take some more shots, and the unimpressed look was back.

Note to self: bring something squeaky next time.


  1. I love everything about these photos! These are some of your best! Love the lighting/exposure, everything! Just beautiful!

  2. She's just gorgeous! The lighting in this series is stunning.

  3. I love your photos so much! Jess kind of reminds me of Zoe! Zoe doesn't really enjoy posing for the camera that much! LOL

  4. I love your photography! I need to work on mine though...

  5. I love the photo of her looking up to the top of those trees! :)