7 April 2016

What is It?

Fred and Nobby investigate a garden chair...

Blue Belle thinks it must be a chin rest.

The day had been unseasonably warm, so I had the delusion that it would be warm enough to spend some time in the yard with some of my favourite herbivores. I was wrong. As the sun set the temperature plummeted - too cold for a lime green garden chair.

Suckie doesn't do much investigating in her old age. She just stands...

...and expects everyone else to navigate themselves around her.

Full speed Nobby!

There are the last photos I took of Ben. It's touching to see them now.

Blue Belle never did like Ben's kisses.

Nobby and Fred never wander far from the flock leader (that's me, in case you were wondering).

They're all pretty good in that respect. Even Blue Belle doesn't wander far.

Blue Belle's behaviour with the lambs has improved. She only nips them when they overstep the mark now. I'm just not sure what the mark is. They do, however, show the giant pony the respect she deserves.

Nobby and Fred are growing fast - even since these photos were taken, they've mushroomed.

They make Blue Belle look ginormous.

Teddy made the mistake of coming to see what I was doing.

Blue Belle watching... something.

Suckie wondering when the photos stop and the food begins.

My favourite photo from the day. I think it would look good on my wall.


  1. They are so cute! The weather this time of year always fools me, too--if the sun is shining and I'm warm while walking Barley, I'll let myself be tricked into thinking it might be nice to sit outside for a little while. Then I'm always quickly going back in to get more layers. I love those photos of Ben--I'm so glad you were able to capture that moment.