Black & White Sunday #25 ::: The Cleaning Crew

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I had my grandad's Fergie out of the shed for the first time in twelve months this week. Under the dust that had gathered little spots of rust were starting to appear so I wanted to clean it up a bit.

But I was not alone...

Tydaughter photobomb! In fact, I had all thirteen of the pet lambs, plus Pip, helping me out. Nobby, Fred and Jack instantly wandered off to the bale yards to nibble grass, while the others wandered around - and tried to drink the water I was cleaning the tractor with.

Pip kept an eye on everyone.

Tiddles, Gloria's lamb and the smallest of the pets.

Tyson wondering what I'm doing.

Honey and Tydaughter wanting me to feed them. As usual.

Sparkling clean!

And of course, Pip was making sure that tractor was going nowhere by rounding it up.

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Blue Belle and the Bluebells

I took Blue Belle to the field with the highest concentration of bluebells so she could meet her namesakes.

With one hand I walked Blue Belle along the fence...

...and with the other I took some photos of the bluebells.

Both the flowers and the pony are beautiful.

It was all going so well, but then...

No, Blue Belle! Cannibalism in wrong!

Happy Second Birthday, Jess!

I can't believe my little Jessica is two already!

She had a great time playing fetch with me this morning - she's the only one of the dogs to actually fetch the ball.

I took these photos while she was waiting for me to throw the ball already.

She has cute wrinkles that appear on her forehead when she's concentrating!

Such a sweet smile!

She has her serious moments too...

...but they are often undermined by those ears!

Happy birthday, beautiful girl.

May your ears be forever confusing.

Family Photos and Lick Attacks

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Family photos for the youngest members of the family can be very boring.

Almost perfect - but where's Sheila?

The family photo outtakes are often more fun than the keepers! Here Jess is giving Pip a lick attack and Teddy is - er - oh dear...

The keeper - everyone all smiles, and looking vaguely the right direction.

The illusion is broken - Pip recovers from Jess' earlier lick attack, and Jess chooses Sheila as her next victim.

Adorable Little Pip!


My lovely ladies.

Pip needn't look so surprised that Jess is on the lick attack again...

Drinking in the Sunshine

The weather lately has been stunning. Trees are green, grass is green, the sky is green - I mean, blue. A sunny Sunday was the perfect time to just bring a garden chair into the yard and let my flock explore in the sunshine. It was so relaxing.

Nobby is massive compared to the girls - he is two months their senior, after all. Honey, on his left, is the youngest and smallest.

Margo is the largest of the girls...

...but even she is dwarfed by the largest member of the flock.

There's Rosie. She and Margo stick together.

Rosie, Margo and Honey:

The old drinker was of great interest to everyone.

Bright sunshine casts dark shadows.

I love how my flock - well - flocks together.

I'd shut the big gates across the lane so there was no wandering to the road, no matter how much Blue Belle wanted to.

Nobby was very sweet and kept coming over to check on me.


Investigations well underway - and Millie being dainty.

Margo got so caught up in nibbling a bucket that she didn't notice everyone else wandering off - time for a quick scratch before she went off to find everyone.

Blue Belle wishes she was this tall.

The little lambs were all fascinated by the giant Not Sheep.

Nobby is used to Blue Belle already, but for the smaller lambs this was their first time meeting her and they were still a little intimidated by her size.

In fact the lambs and Blue Belle all came back to check on me from time to time.

(Where is Margo going?)

Rosie looking fab.

However far they wandered, however, they would always return to the drinker. Millie can just about reach...

Honey and Margo.

On a hot day like this one, it's nice to have a refreshing drink.

Honey's ears! Enough said.

Blue Belle wanted to investigate the drinker too... she scratched her bottom on it for about twenty minutes.

Yeah... the lambs kind of lost interest in the drinker at that point.