13 May 2016

The View Behind Ewe

On a day as sunny as this one, checking on the ewes and lambs in the fields down the road is not a chore - it's a pleasure! Some of them are fast approaching the size they need to be for market.

These sheep on top of the hill have a great view of the mountains.

...Although, they did seem to prefer staring at me in the hope that I'd give them some food!

Pip waited patiently in the tractor for me to be finished taking photos.

We drove to the bottom of the hill, where we checked on the sheep we were here to see. A trio of ewes and lambs, the last lambs of the season, were put out that morning. We had to be sure the mothers had found their lambs.

The lambs I was checking on were tiny - there's one, hiding behind a bigger lamb...

I spared a few moments to take photos of Pip under the trees.

It was surprisingly windy under there!