21 June 2016

Four Go Mad in the Garden

Lambs, I welcome you to the garden - a haven where all things are edible.

Even while the girls are still living indoors, it's good to get them out and about so they get a chance to explore.

Margo takes a moment to taste the grass.

An extreme close-up of Rosie.


Honey likes leaves.

"Wait, where did our lamb-sitter go?"

Margo hides behind a barrel...

...while Rosie samples the rhubarb.

Rosie thinks the hedge is tall. She'd be right.

"Mmm... hedge."

"What was that?"

Pip finally stays still for long enough to show the lambs how to graze.

Margo is paying particular attention to the lesson on hedges.

Some running!

Millie discovers a wall.

"What's over here?"

Nose kisses.

Loitering at the gate.

"Mmm... wall."

Pip plays with Margo.

Margo is interested in Pip's lovely tail.

Margo seems to be the poser of the group.

Millie likes to stand and watch things.

Eye to eye.

Oh - they're off again.

"Wait for me!"