Big Game Hunter

Holly's final evening staying with us was hot. Swelteringly hot. Poor Holly wasn't really in the mood for having her picture taken.

We got some nice portraits, but the shot I really wanted was one of Holly carrying a toy pheasant. She seemed interested in the pheasant while I was holding it and wiggling it about, but as soon as I threw it she couldn't care less. Too hot to play, obviously.


Poor Holly. This wasn't the shot I was after, but in the end I compromised. She was a good sport.

The following day Holly went home. I hope she enjoyed her time here - I enjoyed having her.

Time for a nice hot drink, I think.

The Two Nobbys

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Hello, Nobby. Who's your friend?

"This is my friend Nobby."

Nobby met Pebbles on our way to the beach...

Imagine my delight when I found out that Pebbles soon had a little sheep of her own, and he was called - you guessed it - Nobby!

Image source: Facebook.

By chance I spotted the same lamb in a shop saleyard and couldn't resist getting Nobby a little Nobby of his own.

"So it's goodbye from me."

"And it's goodbye from him."

So many Nobbys - this could get very confusing, very fast.

Black & White Sunday #28 ::: Leather

For most of the almost-fortnight that Cousin Holly stayed with us, the weather was wet and cloudy. Having a new (sort of) dog around, I was itching at the shutter to take photos. So I asked Holly up onto one of the leather chairs in the living room. It was a very convenient way to take some photos with interesting lighting. Holly was a joy to photograph - just gorgeous!

I think she enjoyed this photoshoot.

Windows can offer nice lighting too.

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Nobby Goes to the Beach

After Nobby's impeccable behaviour on his visit to the park, I decided to bring him to the beach.

In the car park. It was Nobby's first time in a pretty busy town.

Some public art.

We started to walk along the promenade. At this stage we began to be noticed, and we were often stopped by people who wanted their photos taken with the lamb out for a walk.

Nobby took the strange people and surroundings in stride.

Clouds loomed overhead, and unfortunately we were caught in a light shower. Luckily it was over almost as soon as it started.

Nobby's first time on a beach.

He was curious about the sand.

Nobby managed to make some friends. Gentle Mister Toby was really happy to make friends with Nobby.

There was face licking...

...shoulder rubbing...

...and ear cleaning!

Pebbles wasn't sure...

...and neither was this Westie.

Nose-to-nose with a tiny puppy.

Almost on the beach.

Nobby's first bridge.

Looking out to sea...

We left the promenade to walk the rest of the way to the car on the beach itself. Nobby thought the seaweed was tasty, if a bit chewy.

Onwards we walked.

So many new things to sniff.

A happy lamb on the beach.

The Castlewellan Show 2016

The sun blazed down upon the Castlewellan Show yesterday - a welcome change from all of the rain we've been having recently. I saw the cattle first. This Hereford cow was very protective of her calf.

There were cattle of all shapes and sizes.

(That annoying moment when your hay is just out of reach...)

There were horse classes happening all day. From the massive Clydesdales... the tiny miniature horses. These ones travelled all the way from Ireland to be at the show.

Warming up before a class.

This pony could be a twin of Blue Belle's.

She certainly has the appetite.

There were some mini trailers on display - this one is a silage trailer.

I met some wonderful dogs. Tiny the dapper Dachshund:

I met an accomplished agility Sprollie called Millie:

Another Sprollie called Misty:

Misty's Border Collie friend Angel:

Teddy was getting tired, so he jumped up on a quad he found and wanted a ride.

On to the sheep. So much variety...

I entered Teddy into three classes at the dog show. He won Best Behaved Dog! I'm so proud.

This Border Collie was very playful!

This is another Teddy, who went on to be the winner of winners. Well done!

Even as we were preparing to leave, the equestrian classes continued.

And the most important thing is that Teddy has a fan club now.