5 July 2016

Nobby Goes to the Park

Back in March I had the thought that it would be fun if I had a sheep I could take for walks away from the farm. Nobby, with his laid-back attitude to life, was the obvious choice. Last week I decided he was - at five months old - finally mature enough to handle a walk in the park. I picked a quiet time of day to minimise any possible stress in a whole new environment, but I needn't have bothered at all.

Nobby was a clam as could be. To my surprise, people stopped what they were doing to come and talk to me and mostly to meet Nobby. I wasn't expecting people to think it was all that special, a girl taking her lamb for a walk, but maybe that's just because it's an everyday occurrence for me!

Nobby was very interested in nibbling the unfamilair plants.

A horde of children ran at him, bikes whizzed past, dogs stared - Nobby remained unfazed. I'm still flabbergasted, to be honest. I was expecting more of an adjustment period, but Nobby was right at home. People even had their photos taken with him - but then, he is quite used to being in front of a camera!

It was great to see smiles on peoples' faces - especially children. They - pardon the pun - flocked to pat Nobby. People of all ages who'd never been near a sheep in their lives marvelled at how soft his wool was.

Nobby pauses to admire the castle.

Nobby meets a very confused Scottish Terrier.

Nobby admires the view.

Tasty grass.

We took a shortcut through the camping/caravan area. A group of children stopped playing football to meet Nobby.

Heading for the car...

I'm so proud of Nobby for behaving so impeccably.

Yes, home soon, Nobby! Good boy!


  1. Oh my gosh! How cute! I would love to meet a lamb on a walk, so I can totally understand people being so excited about his presence. I'm glad he had such a fun adventure.

  2. What an excellent sheep ambassador Nobby - well done!