5 August 2016

Nobby Goes to a Castle

Today Nobby was out and about once again. This time, we headed for a castle. But first, a moment to look out across the bay...

The castle stands on the top of a steep hill. Upwards we walked...

A moment's breather...

Nobby admires the architecture (and has a snack)...

Having just walked under the archway, we have "officially" entered the castle.

But there is still some distance to go until we reach the top.

Another break. Nobby only has short legs.

At last! The top of the hill.

Here the grass is the sweetest. (Beyond these steps is a tower. Nobby didn't fancy the spiral staircase.)

Higher stone walls here than at home.

We met a friendly dog.

More ruins to explore...

...and more architecture to admire.

It helps that the architecture has built-in snacks.

You would need a thick woolly fleece to live here these days.

It was worth the climb up the hill as the view from the castle was spectacular.

How many years has it been since a sheep grazed here, I wonder...


  1. What a wonderful place to explore! I wish we had castles near by!

  2. What a lovely place to visit! And those views from up top are spectacular!

  3. OMG - how fun :-D. Glad I found you!