26 September 2016

The Ram Sale

Ram sales can be quite exciting. It's a chance to pick out some of the best rams to join the flock. Texels, like this one, are always good sellers.

This one ended up coming home with us.

I'd been talking about how cute Hampshire Down sheep were. When one came into the ring that I liked the look of, to my surprise Dad started bidding. We wound up with two lovely ones.

The following morning they were put to work mowing down this horribly overgrown little field. This is the smaller of the two Hampshires.

The smaller of the Texels.

The bigger Hampshire. He's my favourite. There's just something about this face that is full of character.

And finally the larger of the Texels.

And then there's Blue Belle, who's keeping an eye on them for us.

"Are you boys behaving down there?"

I'm really happy with our new rams (two Hampshire Down lambs and two Texel shearlings).

I'm really looking forward to seeing the baby Hampshires in the spring!

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