31 October 2016

Apple Bobbing

Since Blue Belle is such a huge fan of apples, and apple bobbing is something I enjoyed a lot when I was younger, I thought it would be fun to let Blue Belle have a go.

Bless her, she did try.

"So frustrating!"

She tried another tactic.

"Let me just tip this over..."

It didn't work.


Not one to give up on yummy apples easily, she tried again...

Some more pawing (or 'hoofing', ahaha).

"Stop laughing at me - this is not funny."

Gallantly she kept trying as I giggled uselessly.

She almost had an apple a few times.

But I am not a total monster. Blue Belle got a very sad expression on her face when she gave up, so I took pity on her and gave her an apple for trying.

She's a very messy eater!

Happy Halloween, everyone!