18 October 2016

Early Risers

One Sunday morning I accomplished something that was nigh on impossible - I rose from my warm, comfy bed before 7AM. The reason? I was hoping for a frost (didn't really get one) and a clear morning for a stunning sunrise. Pip and I jumped into the Land Rover, arrived at the field for 7:30. I sat in in my garden chair and waited for the sun to rise. And waited, and waited...

The mountains in front of me were beautifully lit by the sun and I couldn't figure out why the sun wasn't lighting the field I was in. That is, until I realized it was the trees surrounding the field that were the problem. The sun was so low, the trees were casting shadows across the entire field! Don't panic. Half an hour of sunrise lost. Move on. (I blame the early hour for my befuddlement!)

So I shoved the garden chair into the boot and hopped back into the Land Rover, driving to another field that had just a hedge rather than a forest for the sun to shine through. A lesson learned for next time.

Instead of the planned photos of the young ewes and new rams, I present to you some photos of the older ewes - and don't they look lovely?

You've got a little something... just there...

Brian the Kerry Hill ram keeping an eye on his ladies.

On the way home I stopped off and got Pip a sausage and myself a nice, warm sausage roll. Lovely.

Even with that dodgy start, it was a wonderful way to spend a quiet Sunday morning.

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