23 October 2016

Hey, Everybody, It's Bob!

Welcome to part two of my "Going Soft Saga" (the first being Ducky). I suppose being unable to save Nobby has left me on a mission to save as many lambs as possible. The latest save is young Bob here:

Could I have found a more conspicuous lamb?

As soon as they saw him, my lambs literally fell over each other to get away. They'd never seen a sheep quite like Bob before.

Of course Suckie has seen it all before, and it wasn't long before Bob naturally gravitated towards her.

I bought Bob from my hairdresser (as you do). He's a wether (castrated male), a about the same age as my lambs, and he's a Zwartable-cross-Texel which accounts for his unusual colouring.

He's not used to being photographed even while he's eating.

Better hide behind Suckie.

He is a very unusual looking chap. I'm giving him a chance to be saved from becoming lamb chops. Hopefully he can stay for a good while. He's not tame, but he has a quiet nature. Lots of bribery should bring him around.

Welcome, Bob. Please do stay a while.


  1. Bob is very beautiful and even though lamb chops are favourites here, we hope he doesn't become them.