2 October 2016

Last Light at Dairylough

I hadn't been to see the local Clydesdales for some time, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to visit yesterday evening. I photographed Colleen first. She was busy with her eating.

Tail swish!

Colleen is keeping Seth the donkey company.

It was her foal, however, who I'd really come to see. Since the last time I saw him back in April he has grown so much!

He was in fact just home from a successful day at his first show - he was Foal Champion, Male Champion and Overall Clydesdale Champion!

And he's gained a name too - Dairylough Mourne Majestic.

Majestic he sure is.

I saw Fred again.

And I met McRoyal.

Just before I went home I just had to photograph Colleen again. I'm sure she's very proud of her boy.

Thanks go once again to Sam, Veronica and the Dairylough Clydesdales for letting me take their photos.